Go hard or Go home..

Well sometimes, I want to go home! These words we see hash tagged on social media on fitness accounts. And yeah! When you’ve just had a great gym session or you have enjoyed a colourful nutritious meal, and therefore have posted said meal on the IG, you #gohardorgohome. But when you are on a serious, life changing weight loss journey, it’s not always easy to stick to the words of the above #. 

People don’t see the mind acrobatics you go through, when someone offers you a biscuit and your thinking about the calories that your skinny friend doesn’t have to think about. It’s not often shown when you have a bad day, and the result is : an order is put through justeat. Weight loss is not just about stopping putting food in your gob, as I heard once on a comedy show. It’s all related to feeling,emotions,confidence and background. A big factor for many, Emotional eating or comfort eating. 

Comfort eating really is the devil. It keeps you trapped in a circle that seems as complex as The Schrödinger’s cat paradox (google it now!). You’ve had a bad day, so you seek solace in biscuits. Then you feel guilty that you’ve ate that whole packet of biscuits, this conjures up guilt, self hate and so therefore you comfort eat again to cure those pains. It’s just continuous. Then turn on the TV and a clothes ad comes on with a size 0 model. It can feel like everything is against you. Even your own mind is against you. But through all the pain, you can start to clear that path that seems so hard to tread. 

Believe me, I have not totally come out the other side. I’m still trying to forge a straight path to feeling happy and healthy. I’ve tried a variety of weight loss tools and it’s only a few years later, that I’ve found a way that works for me personally.Thats just it. You need a tool that will work for you as an individual. Things I’ve learnt: 

  • If your problem is comfort eating, you need to understand what it is that is making you sad. You don’t need to unearth your whole life’s history but try and see if there is a recurring thought or situation that is upsetting you. 
  • When you’re having a calm time, try and think about the feelings you experience after you have had a binge. Whenever I used to reflect on it, it would give me more strength to try to stop. Remember that lethargic, bloated , sick, guilty feeling?  Yeah. You can feel better than that. 
  • Know who you are and accept it. You need to know what kind of eater you are, in order to know how to start making healthy choices that you will enjoy. Research is key and one of your main goals should be HEALTH, HEALTH, HEALTH.  

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