My first makeup class

I’ve never known much about makeup. Not growing up with sisters, and the women in my family not being makeup wearers, I pretty much picked up tips and tidbits from friends and tv. Throw in a good few years of feeling pretty rubbish about myself and not making  a lot of effort, I hardly knew anything. But as my confidence started to pick up, I found myself being more interested in looking after myself which felt amazing. I also never really watched YouTube. But as I started to watch makeup tutorials, I got addicted. I plucked up the courage to book a makeup class at a discount on groupon. I was nervous but also excited. It was such a great day, just 6 of us in the class and the teacher was lovely and attentive. The model was very helpful aswell. I learnt about how to do each part of the face and there was also an opportunity to purchase products at a discount. After going to that class, I felt so inspired. I now want to take up make up artistry. Here is my finished face: 

Thank you for reading. Let me Know what you think of my look. Also I booked my classes with Mia Thompson through groupon. The class was in Birmingham. Check her out!  

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