The musings of an amateur traveller..

Hey everyone. Haven’t done a post for so long but I have been so busy. Sometimes life is just life ! And you don’t have great amounts of time to do everything. But anyway, I came to Paris on the 25th July and will be here till the 5th September. This is the longest I have ever been away from Britain. It pretty much feels like I’m living here at the moment which is kinda cool. I love hearing the French language being spoken and I like the pace of life. Parisien life doesn’t end at 5pm when British shops close and the majority of people go home for the night. You can hear people laughing and singing late into the night and people are still relaxing in cafes after work. Even though it’s pretty expensive to live here compared to Birmingham,UK, it’s somehow simpler to live here. 

Food is fresher and so there is less processed food which is good. Transport is by means of metro and walking so it’s a healthier lifestyle for me. The apartments are small, you are not really going to have a few rooms you can retreat to indoors so it encourages you to be outside in the fresh air and also it has shown me that I can live on less. Win! 

What is a little surprising, is how much time it has given me to meditate and really think about what I want from life and even myself. Life back home can get so rushed and also monotonous that I never get time to just.think. And to I have really discovered areas of my inner self and personality that I want to change and also that there are some things in life that just don’t matter that much. Stuff like when that friend upset you and you never thought they could act that way or even buying those must haves from asda on your weekly shopping trip.  

Experiencing the world is so much more than those things. I love looking at the difference in architecture here, the buildings are so beautiful. It’s confidence building to be able to communicate in a language other than your own. When you can, if you can, travel to places that will widen your imagination. It doesn’t have to be far, or very often.. Just make it memorable.. 

Thanks for reading! 



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