Over 25 and it feels so good…

Hey everyone, im back! We returned from our Parisian adventures last monday and we are back in birmingham for now. At the weekend we attended a lovely, end to the summer, ball and boy we partied indian style! It was amazing, had so much fun. I’ĺl post a few pics down below along with the collection of photos on IG. What was really cool is that the ball had its own snapchat filter too! Wish id saved a pic of it now. Meh.  

Anyway, a big part of our parisian stay gave me a lot of time to..think. In our normal routines, we are just rushing from one activity to another, in the same monotony every week. You barely get time to just think and collate all the experiences you have had, and to see what you had learnt. I didn’t want to turn 26. In fact i didn’t want to to turn 25! I kept thinking , im losing my youth and im getting even closer to 30. But now i do think, being in your mid twenties is pretty awesome. There are still many things i want to hold down but now it feels like i know what i want to accomplish rather than not knowing which road to go on. Im essentially rhe same person i was when i was in my early 20s, but now im choosing a path and i dont feel swayed by what others say and do so much. 

I like flicking through Instagram photos and not caring anymore if im not at the biggest parties or if i dont know what drakes latest album is called. Im comfortable being me.That feeling of contentment is priceless. Im feeling less and less bothered if people dont really like my style or they think its weird that i want to have lived in the 20s. Growing my hair out natural was a massive achievement in me accepting who i am and growing to love that person. It felt at times i was fighting people just to be myself. And im glad i didnt give up. 

I’m enjoying this chapter of my life. I have my family and now i want to just focus on getting things done. No time for procrastination anymore. Live it, love it. Seriously.

This was kind of a unplanned late night blog , but im planning on doing a Paris haul in the next week. Managed to pick up a few things from zara, sephora and a few more places. 

Until next time, ciao!  

IG tag for ball photos : #lbball2016 

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