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Hey guys, I have wanted to do a blog about my thoughts on motherhood and all that jazz for a while. I read someone elses blog today about things that other moms say to you and it was so on point! I will try and link it down below, i thought i should just do one about my experiences.  My little girl is 2 years old now and just when i thought it couldnt get any worse?.. it did. Talk about tantrums! Its like im speaking chinese to her now. That independent, stubborn streak is so strong right now and i just feel i havent got the strength to deal with it sometimes. It feels like parenting is a rollarcoaster of emotions. You can go from being so fustrated and angry to being so in love with them the next minute.

I love my little girl so much its unreal. I would do anything for her. Her little smile brightens my whole day. Sometimes though in the thick of an explosive tantrum, i dont care about the smile. I just want to curl up in a ball and hope that she tires herself out to go to sleep. Being a mum is literally a 24 hour job, yet why do moms not get the respect and dues that we deserve? Why do we get taunted for our weight gain and stretch marks? Why is that if you are a stay at home mom, you can be viewed as lazy? Why is it that we are so critical of someone who may have had 2 hours sleep?

All the rubbish we endure such as ‘ my kids were much worse, yours are fine’ or ‘why arent you breastfeeding, thats what God made us to do’.. All these type of comments get on my last nerve. At the end of the day, all mothers and children are different. We all have different personalities and experiences. Society has a real thing about trying to categorize people when really there is no category as we are all so different.

I am very much still a beginner. I have a lot to learn. But its about picking and selecting the right type of people and advice to listen to. We do not need to listen to every single person. Just the genuine ones. Lets all support each other, we are in this together.

Thanks for reading!


Check out the blog i read earlier, its awesome


  1. Thatgirlwiththecurl October 24, 2016 / 1:16 pm

    I love this post. I have a 3-nearly-4-year-old and I am a single parent and I feel we dont get the credit we deserve as mothers! Im sure yoire doing a great job hunni so continue x

    • thenaomiruth October 24, 2016 / 2:26 pm

      Thankyou! Mothers are the true heroes of society as far as I’m concerned!

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