The mixed race tag

Hey everyone, hope you are enjoying your sunday after having that extra hour in bed! I have a two year old so the clocks going back meant nothing to her or me as she scampered into my room at 5am! Anyway I have been reading blogs this morning about peoples life experiences and it made me want to write about things i feel passionate about from my experience.  

Mixed race, bi racial, dual heritage and the more derogatory half caste. I’ve heard it all in my lifetime. I was brought up to embrace who i am and not to be ashamed of any part of me. I did grow up mainly without my white father so i guess its easier for me to relate to my carribean family. Nonetheless I am  proud of who i am and both sides of my family. But just the fact that I have write that sentence proves that i feel i have to defend what i am, as i feel its always under question. What are you? which one of your parents is black? where do your parents come from? were you born here? how come your hair is like that? what do you class yourself as? These are some of the questions i have had to endure over the years. Its like people have a constant need to categorize me so…. they feel more settled? I dont know, its just ridiculous.  

Sometimes i have felt that no race wants to claim you as their own either. Im either too black to be white or too white to be black. I do not want to be categorized as either! Accept me and my dual heritage as just being a…. human. I love different cultures, languages, colours and everything about life. I love variety. I do not appreciate people who have been brainwashed by the media telling me i dont fit into whatever stupid brackets they have made. 

Yes, im mixed race if thats what you want to call it. I hate the term ‘half caste’, as i am not half a human being. No i dont have the more media paraded and socially acceptable long flowing curls that can be straightened to look european. I have a full head of natural afro hair and i bask in all its glory. If i had to class myself as anything, i would say woman, mother, wife, christian and human. 

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