Will the real beauty blender please stand up?

Hey everyone, hope you are doing well. Apologies for not posting as i said I would on Thursday, I’ve been sick along with my little girl for a couple weeks. Blog ideas in my head, just not on paper haha. The beauty blender was yet another purchase I made because of seeing it being used extensively on YouTube. I purchased mine from a Sephora in Paris, which made it even more special. I did that thing again though, like I mentioned before, when I buy new items I don’t use them straight away until I feel ready to.  

Since being back in the UK, I thought I would try an alternative too. So I bought the ‘B’ blending sponge from Superdrug. In my opinion, both of them do the same job. I actually preferred the superdrug one on application. The sponge grows in size and becomes a bit harder when damp, which I liked for blending out. Whereas the beauty blender stays soft, and I found it harder to blend out and work with. I do not think there is much difference between the two when in use. Whether the beauty blender will last longer, I will have to see. At 16 euros it better! The ‘B’ blender was around five pounds, and I would definitely repurchase it.


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