She got the good hair..

Hey guys, hope you are all OK.Impromptu blog topic here as mother duties have taken over this week. I really enjoyed writing my mixed race tag blog post ( check it out ), and got such good feedback that I’d thought I’d do this one on hair. Hope some of you will relate to this as well. Hair has been described as a woman’s crowning glory so no wonder it is always under the microscope. For me, up until recently , hair was always a touchy subject. From being a young child up til my early twenties, I guess I hated my hair. It wasn’t because of any kind of body dysmorphia, it was simply because the people around me would not accept it as beautiful. It was always too thick, too coarse, too black. Growing up hearing that you don’t have ‘normal’ mixed girl hair and also hearing how that would have been so much easier to manage was spirit breaking. 

My hair was an afro that would grow so long and full bodied to the eye. It’s like people were frightened of its volume and authenticity. I was also bullied in relation to it, so when I was 15 I started relaxing my hair. My hairdresser, who was carribean herself, just ‘looked’ at my hair, decided it was too coarse and ordered me into having the super strength relaxer. That thing used to burn my head, and my poor hair would look so flat and lifeless after it was done. It only started to look good after few weeks when the volume came back. 

I relaxed my hair for a number of years and whilst it felt good to fit in, deep down I wanted to Growing my hair out natural was a huge step in confidence for me. And learning how to treat it was so fun. My hair is so versatile that it can be an afro one day and a sleek bob the next. It hasn’t been easy but I feel so much better. I hate the term ‘good hair’. Who made the standard for what is good? It’s only good, if it’s paraded on the media? I don’t think so. The way the world is, and the way people of colour have been treated has moulded what we have been forced to believe is beautiful today. And it takes a lot , to be different and own it. But it can be done and it’s totally worth it if it makes you happier.  

All hair is beautiful from the very long and straight, to the kinky , versatile afro.Keep being you, hold your head up high if you are happy with who you are. And if you aren’t there yet, don’t give up. History can not be reversed but you can change how you will feel now and in the future. 

Thanks for reading, see you next Thursday.  


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