My favourite lipstick, Nov 16

Hey everyone hope you are all OK. I’ve had such a busy week! Started college this week and I’m so tired! Makeup gives me that little pick me up when I’m shattered. I purchased the ‘Rouge Dior’ matte in shade 772. The assistant helped me find my perfect everyday shade , and she was right, I can’t stop wearing it. 

It’s matte but it doesn’t dry my lips or crack. It goes on very smoothly. It’s a subtle and very girly colour. It makes you look pretty but not overly done up for an everyday. Sometimes I find wearing a red lip stands out too much for just day to day tasks so this is perfect. My skin tone has yellow undertones and can be described as medium, golden or beige, so if you are similar to me in skin colour, you will definitely love it. On reflection though , I think it could suit a few more skin tones aswell. It costs around £26.50 so it is pricey and it costs even more than my beloved chanel but as a one off maybe you can treat yourself? You deserve it!  

Next week Thursday , i think I will post my November favourites!  thanks for reading! 


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