Diets don’t work 

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Dieting sucks! You can eat this, no you can’t eat that, I’ve been naughty I feel.bad now, are you sure you should be be eating that? I’m ugly because I’m fat. When you are an emotional eater, it is literally a living nightmare. The constant internal guilt ridden talk is insane. You are doing it even without realising. And before you know, it has become an everyday occurrence, it’s become normal to punish yourself. You stop buying the clothes you really like because you’ve told yourself you won’t look good in them. A binge day becomes a binge week. 

Information and technology is a blessing and a curse. The curse is that there are too many opinions, too many options and that can leave you dumbfounded and confused as to what will help you reach your goal. And the goals that we set, let’s be honest are controlled somewhat by the media’s representation of what is beautiful. What is shoved in our faces every single day. You need to be a size 6 and be voluptuous all at the same time. No matter now much people make noise, this day in 2016, we see the same shaped people all the time.  

But the crux of being an emotional eater is that you tell yourself ‘ I’ll eat this now and start tomorrow, and in 6 months il be thin and happy’. But for a lot of us that day never comes. Our minds punish and beat us for any slip or if we compare ourselves in any way. I think ive had slight issues around food my whole life. As a young child, teenager, adolescent, I was always the lean and athletic girl. Looking at me now, you would think I’m lying. I settled down, got comfortable after getting married which is natural. But as I’ve had to face some pretty challenging circumstances, food kind of became my friend when.i felt I had none anymore.  

I’ve tried many times to ‘ be healthy’ but they inevitably stop because I’m in that punishing cycle of food and pain. In trying to help myself , I’ve read some interesting things on the psychology behind overeating and what stood out to me was CHANGE YOUR INTERNAL TALK and STOP RESTRICTING YOURSELF. TELL YOURSELF A POSITIVE MESSAGE whenever you feel a negative thought come like ‘I’m human and I make mistakes’ or ‘I accept my body’. With food, don’t tell yourself you can’t have something because you will only crave it and binge. Eat something you have banned yourself from and note down how you feel. Was it worth it? Was it good enough to warrant all that self.denial to not have it? 

Let’s live in  the present , deal with the feelings we have right now. Rather than suppress them with food. 

This has been a long one but it’s something I know all too well and am.still going through. Hope it helps at least one of you! 

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