Urban Decay Vice Ltd Reloaded palette and swatches

Hey everyone, hope you are all OK and ready for 2017! Here is my last beauty post for 2016! Can’t believe it’s the end of the year already. Everyone who’s into makeup knows about the Naked palettes by urban decay. For ages I thought about whether I could justify the £40 price tag. It seemed quite a lot just for eyeshadows and as I’m new to the makeup world, I didn’t see the need to fork out for it. I still don’t have one ! Haha but during the sales I spotted this Vice palette that had been reduced by £13 so that made me feel a little less guilty. So here it is: 

Let’s start to swatching! 

L to R: Suspend, 501, Smog, Moonflower. 

L to R: Oil slick, shallow, Misdemeanor, UV-B 

L to R: Roadstripe, Laced , Freakshow, Goldmine 

L to R: Gash, Hot Pants, Asphyxia, Twice Baked. 

L to R: Midnight Cowboy, Mildew, Acid Rain and Anonymous. 

When  you apply eye primer before these shadows, they pop even more. I’ve been using the Makeup Revolution primer and I like it. In this palette there are only two shades really which don’t come up strong on my medium skin tone which I’m OK with considering there’s 20 shades to choose from. The shimmer shades are beautiful and on darker skin they would shine so brightly. I do think this palette was a good investment for me as there are so many different shades. And I feel i will be able to create so many different looks with it since there is a wide spectrum of colour. For travelling also it’s great as it has a huge mirror, in fact I’ve been using this mirror to do my day to day makeup as i can see in more detail rather than a large mirror. My favorite shades? Hmmmmmm at first glance , I’m loving Goldmine, Roadstripe and Asphyxia. I love the way the glitter comes through even more when you apply it to your skin.  

So that’s my last beauty post for 2016. Next year I hope to do a lot more makeup reviews and also thorough comparisons as i really want to develop my skills enough to become a makeup artist. I have another post in the pipeline so I hope to get it in before the end of the year. 

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  1. ceereejay December 29, 2016 / 11:38 pm

    Great review! I have to check this palette out.

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