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Hello everyone! Hope you are well, and enjoying this year so far. I feel for me this year is going to be a year of growth. I’ve re started my driving lessons, our family is starting a business and I’m really enjoying practicing makeup artistry and I’m starting to build my freelance makeup kit, exciting! Any who  I’ve been making so many trips to Superdrug especially, but somehow I always seem to forget my loyalty card! I’ve really been enjoying testing out cheaper priced skincare. So here is some of the things I’ve been enjoying: 

First up though, I’d like to introduce you to this: 


Sukin Hydrating Mister Toner, £7.95 , ~ I discovered this while searching for skincare that would decrease the dryness in my skin. It’s like a spray of relief. It’s so refreshing and a lot easier than dragging a liquid toner around your face. My skin does feel soothed and de stressed by the chamomile and rosewater. My face also feels a bit softer too after using it.One great thing about this, is there is hardly any ingredients in it. No nasty chemicals, just the essentials. There are no parabens and it is 100% vegan. I love using products that I know have no artificial things within. It’s a lovely refreshing change to use a mist toner after a long day. 

Vichy Laboratories Normaderm Hyaluspot , Boots. ~ I’ve been breaking out so much recently that I needed some instant relief from somewhere. If you know any products for breakouts, comment down below please! This gave me a little relief. The gel comes through a cooling rollerball. And like it says on the tin, it is fast acting. As within a couple of hours, the spot was shrinking and forming a head.  Like it was shrinking the sebum, ready to leave the body. The only thing though, once the head had formed, not much happened with the spots but I think I need to use it a bit more. 

B. Glycolic Cleansing Peel, Superdrug ~ I was a bit scared to get this at first. As I’ve never really used much acidic products and I didnt want to feel that burning sensation. But I wanted to refresh my skin, so I picked it up. It comes with a muslin cloth to buff away dead skin and leave a more youthful complexion. I did not feel any kind of discomfort at all. It’s very gentle and my skin does feel softer and smoother afterward. I would have a liked a deeper dead skin cleanse though, so maybe I will have to try something stronger next time. 

B. Antioxidant Boost Facial Oil, Superdrug ~ oh how I love facial oils! I feel like I’ve had a facial at a Spa after I’ve used one. I love the warm feeling they give off. This one does replenish my skin with hydration and is left feeling plump and smooth afterwards. Also another point, all these products are cruelty free!  

Boots Ingredients Sheet Face mask ~ I haven’t used this one yet, but I used their Hydrating one. To be honest, I think mentally I just feel more relaxed when wearing a face mask. I’m not entirely sure I see any difference in my skin. But I will keep trying them out. 

I also purchased some items from the Vitamin E range yesterday so I will see how those go. Tomorrow marks the exciting start of my first collaboration with Skinade! So I will be letting you know how I get on. 

See you soon ! 



  1. Mariam March 1, 2017 / 5:56 pm

    Mist toners are my new faves! So handy and they give your skin a little pick me up through out the day. Will def look into the Sukin one! Thanks for sharing.

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