Dining at 1580

Beautiful from the outside  

Hello everyone hope you are all doing well. I have just gone self hosted with my blog so please subscribe if you enjoy what you read. This is my first restaurant review and I look forward to doing more to showcase what Birmingham has to offer. When I was driving up Chester Road looking for the venue, I didn’t know what to expect. But when I saw the glowing lights, I was instantly intrigued. The lighting is very eye catching and inviting. The name of the restaurant, 1580, isn’t a big giveaway either as to what will be inside which I like. I enjoy going to non franchised places where you will be in for a unique experience.

On arrival, it wasn’t long before a waiter offered me a drink. I had come on my own and so cue social anxiety ! But the waiter attending to me minutes after I came in put me at ease and made me feel comfortable.  I met some really lovely people on this evening. The decor was simple but effective. I felt that it created a home like environment so that you could feel relaxed. The managers and owners said a few words which was lovely and by then my stomach was grumbling so then came the starter.

Masala Cone Poppadums 

I thought the Masala cone Poppadums were a interesting take on your average Poppadums. I liked the herbs that had been added to them aswell. Gave them a twist. Afterwards our table had the non veg starter of a selection of meats which were juicy and cooked to perfection

Next up was a selection of curry’s. They had just about the right type of spice for me as I do like a bit of heat but not so hot you can’t taste the food. The food really did taste different to other Indian food I have eaten. The food didn’t leave pools of oil behind and the spices were more distinct. It felt like genuine Indian cooking like if you were to have someone cook it for you at home. So I didn’t feel  the pangs of guilt so much for indulging in curry and some naan. 

Last but not least it was dessert. I’ve never tried an Indian dessert before and I wasn’t too sure when I looked at it whether I would like it. It didn’t look like much when it came and when I first bit into it, I wasnt  sure if I liked the texture but when I started to take more spoonfuls, I started to enjoy the coconut flavor.

All in all I enjoyed my time at 1580. I would definitely revisit if I was in the mood for a relaxed evening with a nice curry.  Please go check them out as they are developing their menu and it is not always easy to find a authentic eating experience in Birmingham.

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710 Chester Road , Birmingham, B23 5TE.


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