Skinade, my first beauty supplement

Hello everyone , I hope you’ve had a good week. March was the month that I did my first collaboration with Skinade. I had never heard of them before and I was very excited to recieve an email asking me to work with them, so thankyou skinade! You were my first !  Let me introduce skinade to you who have never heard of this beauty supplement.

Skinade is peach and mangosteen flavored anti-ageing collagen drink. The purpose of this drink is to boost your body’s natural production of collagen which which will make the appearance of fine lines smoother, healthier hair and nails and added hydration. I was very interested in adding hydration as at my last consultation with another brand, I discovered my skin is very dehydrated. Most likely due to my haphazard skincare routine. I’m a mom, potty training sometimes gets in the way but I’ve been trying to make more of an effort since last year.

Skinade works from the inside, the formula that it contains allows the body to absorb more of the much needed vitamins for your skin. The ingredients are • natural peach and mangosteen flavour

• Vitamin B

• Vitamin C

•l-lysine -amino acid

• msm  – naturally occurring form of sulphur

•hydrolysed marine collagen  – sourced from fish and no Mercury contamination.

• organic flax seed oil

In order to see the benefits, it’s recommended to drink one bottle per day. These bottles contain 150 ml and fitness pal app advised me that they have around 35 calories.  The taste for me was OK. It tasted on the tropical side. I wish that I had put them in the fridge as I think that would have enhanced the taste. They are quite easy to drink and carry around with you if necessary. Especially as they do travel size sachets. I personally did struggle to remember to drink one every day but I did my best.

I felt like I did see a small improvement in the creases especially under one of my eyes. My LA girl pro conceal goes on just that bit smoother now which is great. And also I did see a bit of an improvement in my nails strength. I wouldn’t say I saw a dramatic improvement in my hair or skin. But with a pro longed period of taking skinade, I think I would see more of a difference. I also would like to if I had more time, to look at how the collagen is taken from the fish.

With Skinade, they do a variety of packages for how long you would like to take the product. It is a UK based and made line and has won various Spa awards including one from this year. If your looking for a natural skin supplement, head on over to the skinade site. I don’t think taking a beauty supplement everyday right now is realistic for me, but in the future I may consider it! Especially if I start to see more lines as i creep towards age 30.

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