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Hello and bonjour! I cant believe we are nearly halfway through this year. Wasn’t new years day last week? Anyway i thought it would be cool for you guys to get to know a little more about me and also I love reading facts about people. These aren’t in any order , they are flowing as i write them! I will try and do ten. maybe less or more , i dont know!

  1. My favourite colours are black, cobalt and purple. I had black and cadbury purple in my wedding theme because I love them so much.
  2. My 2 year old daughter is my best friend. As you have probably read in my other blogs, ive not had a good time with friendships and they have caused me alot of pain. I love my daughter more than anyone and she is with me 90 percent of the time. A hug from her makes everything better.
  3. I shaved my hair off when i was pregnant. Well i didn’t go bald, but i shaved it right down to cut off all the damaged and chemically relaxed ends. My hair ain’t stressed, so I don’t need to relax it!
  4. I watch old comedies like friends,fresh prince and my wife and kids every week. They make me laugh without fail everytime.
  5. I got married a few weeks before i turned 20. I fell in love , and i don’t see what waiting around or trying different guys would have done. We have a happy family , 7 years on.
  6. I find toilet humor hilarious. Fart noises, poo incidents all make me crumble in hysterics especially when its sudden.
  7. I developed an anxiety disorder after having a mystery illness when I was 18. Still do not know to this day what it was. And since then, uncertainty about anything makes me feel anxious. But I have progressed so much from a time where i felt i couldn’t even leave the house alone.
  8. I randomly quote lines from Pirates of the Carribean. Obsessed with those films and i find use for lines in any situation in life,
  9. I went to Paris for 6 weeks last year to do missionary work and since then, i definitely have the bug for emigration.
  10. I sing soundtracks from musicals at home and play them loud!
  11. I’ve never had a wax…. anywhere…. I will leave you to ponder that… hahahaha

I hope you enjoyed finding out a little more about me, id like to learn about you guys!

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Au Revoir !


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