Hacks for those low moments..

Hello everyone , hope you are all okay.  I love the ‘hack’ videos you see online.  I love watching something that just gives you straight to the point helpful tips. The hacks can be for anything in life whether it’s using coconut oil to remove your makeup or how to save time on food prep. So I thought I’d share some of the hacks I have used for times,  days when I’ve been feeling low. These are some of the things that have helped me personally. As someone who suffers with anxiety and negative thinking , I’m always looking for ways I can help myself feel better. That’s why I love the  CBT  ( cognitive behavioural therapy) approach. I’ve had counselling before and it did help,

Though sometimes the wait to get an appointment is gruelling , there are some things you can try to boost your mood, even temporarily  Hack number 1…….

1. Get Out  ! Get out the house , go to a local park and just breathe. The colour green is actually proven to be a peaceful colour, so just taking in the surroundings of grass, flowers  and feeling the breeze on your face can help to give you a little calm and feel a bit happier, I understand ones may find it difficult to leave the house, especially if you have agoraphobia.So if that’s the case, open a window, maybe burn some candles with natural scents and play some rain sounds on YouTube. I found these sounds relaxing especially when I can’t sleep.

2. Start moving  ! I know you’ve heard it all before but this is so true. Exercise improves your mood. It releases tension and stress. And for that moment in time, it allows you to focus on being in the moment rather than the things that are hurting you, I use YouTube to do short HIIT workouts with The Body Coach. Just doing 20-30 minutes everyday can change your outlook on the whole day, It also encourages you to think more about what you are eating which leads me to hack number 3….

3. Putting good fuel in your body . This is one that I have battled with, Whenever I feel down I want to comfort eat all the things that have made my weight balloon which only adds to my low feelings.  But after realising what was happening to my mind and body, I’ve started to commit to doing something about it,I now do slimming world and have lost nearly 2 stone ! Which has improved how I feel towards myself, Things with a high , manufactured sugar content are never going to make you feel better. It’s just a short term fix before you are back in the shop looking for the next one. Try some healthy recipes with colourful foods. Drink more water too. Your brain and skin will thank you later !

4. When was the last time you….. when was the last time you did something just for fun, just because? Have you been to watch a funny film, gave yourself a face mask, treated yourself to a pair of shoes or spoke to that friend that has you in stitches ? My daughter and I ran through a fountain the other day and it was so liberating ! If you knew me, you’d know why.

5. FIRST-AID KIT……..      This is a fantastic idea. It’s a go-to box , ready at hand made with things to help you. 1. Get a nice box like a shoe box,and decorate it however you like. Then put these things inside….

  • Contact information of people to call when you are upset.
  • Play list / music device full of your favourite feel good tracks.
  • Inspirational sayings and encouraging articles maybe from magazines.
  • Mementos to remind you of people who love you
  • A diary containing your positive thoughts and positive experiences you have enjoyed
  • Bible verses. Whether you are religious or not , there are words in there that can make you feel positive, Look online and write some down.

The first aid kit idea is from a christian magazine I get every month. Regardless of your beliefs , this is a tool you can adapt to make something very practical that will give you that boost to continue, keep going to see another day.  Last thing is, try not to be too hard on yourself. This is a tough world we live in. The Manchester terrorist attack is a reminder of that. Remember you are never alone or without help.

See you soon.

Naomi x


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