How to apply makeup….or not?

Highlight under the brow bone, highlight above and under the brow bone, bronze in a figure of 3, reverse contour… Have you heard and tried any of these techniques before? On YouTube there are millions of tutorials to watch, thousands of techniques to follow. But are any of them actually correct? 

Makeup, like most things is subjective. What floats someone else’s boat, might sink yours. What is difficult for one person maybe so easy for someone else. So can anyone really claim to know the only correct way to apply makeup? THE ANSWER IS NO. You get to decide what you like. You can decide what you think works for your face shape, skin tone. As a makeup artist, you as the customer ultimately get to choose what look you envision, and its my job to help you make that vision realised. Of course ask for guidance if you want, trial different techniques until YOU are happy. 

I love makeup. I discovered my love a couple years ago. But as a mum of two, after wrestling with my four year old daughter to get dressed and soothing my 9 month old baby’s teething troubles, mate, i do not have the willpower to sit and contour my face at 9 AM. I’m also not going to get up at the crack of dawn to perfect my brows. Sleep is precious! So I want to find a makeup routine that allows me to practice my artistry but also get me out the door preferably before lunchtime. No one has the right to critique how I have applied my makeup and the same applies to you. 

I personally am not a fan of the really colourful cut creases or pigment up to the eyebrows look. But that is my own personal preference, I cannot say that those makeup looks are wrong just because I would not wear them. It does actually take a level of skill to put together so many colours and designs. I’m a fan of the natural, red lip look. One day I will step out of my comfort zone! Applying blush is a very good example of how everyone has a different opinion. I’ve been taught to sweep the blush from the apples of the cheek. But time and time again, when I’m out and about, I see so many people wearing blush on all different parts of the cheek and the amount of blush used varies greatly. Some like a dab, others a stripe. I may have had a cheeky snigger when I see what I would call the face paint technique. 

But what are we judging people against? Makeup is individual…. Makeup is art… Makeup is YOURS. Well first post done! Yes I have had a break from my blog for quite some time. I had my little boy 9 months ago and have been working on my own personal goals, and I am back writing again.  

Naomi x

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